Artificial Intelligence

The app is a complete free handbook of Artificial Intelligence with diagrams and graphs. It is part of Computer science or software engineering education which brings important topics, notes, news & blog on the subject. The App serves as a quick reference guide on this engineering subject. It covers more than 600 topics of Artificial Intelligence, Automata, Real-time systems & Neuro fuzzy in detail. The topics are divided into 5 units. Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding. The App will provide faster learning and quick revisions on the subject. Few Additional subjects which have been included in the app are Automata, Neural network fuzzy systems, Real-time Systems. Some of the topics Covered in this application are: 1. Turing test 2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3. History of AI 4. The AI Cycle 5. Knowledge Representation 6. Typical AI problems 7. Limits of AI 8. Introduction to Agents 9. Agent Performance 10. Intelligent Agents 11. Structure Of Intelligent Agents 12. Types of agent program 13. Goal based Agents 14. Utility-based agents 15. Agents and environments 16. Agent architectures 17. Search for Solutions 18. State Spaces 19. Graph Searching 20. A Generic Searching Algorithm 21. Uninformed Search Strategies 22. Breadth-First Search 23. Heuristic Search 24. Mathematical formulation of the inductive learning problem 25. Search Tree 26. Depth first Search 27. Properties of Depth First Search 28. Bi-directional search 29. Search Graphs 30. Informed Search Strategies 31. Methods of Informed Search 32. Greedy Search 33. Proof of Admissibility of A* 34. Properties of Heuristics 35. Iterative-Deepening A* 36. Other Memory limited heuristic search 37. N-Queens eample 38. Adversarial Search 39. Genetic Algorithms 40. Games 41. Optimal decisions in Games 42. minimax algorithm 43. Alpha Beta Pruning 44. Backtracking 45. Consistency Driven Techniques 46. Path Consistency (K-Consistency) 47. Look Ahead 48. Propositional Logic 49. Syntax of Propositional Calculus 50. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 51. Propositional Logic Inference 52. Propositional Definite Clauses 53. Knowledge-Level Debugging 54. Rules of Inference 55. Soundness and Completeness 56. First Order Logic 57. Unification 58. Semantics 59. Herbrand Universe 60. Soundness, Completeness, Consistency, Satisfiability 61. Resolution 62. Herbrand Revisited 63. Proof as Search
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