Multiplication Practice

Are you using flash cards to practice times tables? Multiplication Practice replaces flash cards with an app that focuses on the problems you need help with most. By default, the app tests on everything from 2 x 2 to 10 x 10, but you can change the range to whatever you want. Keeps track of how many you've gotten right during each session. Displays how long you've been going for the current session. Randomly selects each problem, focusing on those you've missed in the past, and those where you've needed the most time. If you're a parent and don't have the time (or patience) to spend 15 minutes a day going through flash cards with your children, let them use this app instead. Kids can do it theirselves. They'll focus on the right problems. The timer and scoring displays turn it into a game and keep them motivated. They can show off their score to you when they're done, keeping you involved. Assign your child a number of minutes to practice, a number of problems to attempt, or a number to get correct. whichever you feel is best. Privacy note: the reason this app requires full network access is because it was created using web technology, and the toolkit used always creates apps that require network access. The app never actually sends or receives anything over the network.
Operating System Android