Learn Electronics Basics

Learn Electronics app teaches you basics idea about the electronics & it's concept. Electricity is basically vast subject & can be defined as the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. Electronics includes various topics like current, volt, power, capacitor, conductor, resistance, resister, diode, triode, arduino, firewire, mosfet, proteus, tesla, solar etc.Electronics also includes instruments like multimeter, ammeter, voltmeter, potentiometer etc.It is also essential to know about battery & it's types as aa, aaa, lithium, alkaline. In electric study, solar system is also important. Most of the electrician can use this app for the reference. Important Topics Included: Electricity & Electronics- Voltage- Electric Current- Electrical Charge- Electrical Field- Watts -Power- Resistance- Ohms Law- Capacitor- Diodes- LED- Multimeter- Voltmeter- Ammeter- solar system- solar panels- Types of solar panels- Arduino, Tesla (upcoming) - Firewire (upcoming) - Battery & it's types as aa, aaa, lithium, alkaline (upcoming) Electronics app is useful for student, electrician, engineering field, electrical field, professionals etc.We frequently update our app with new chapters. If you like the Learn Electronics Basics app kindle give us good feedback.
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