Phonics Sounds For Kids

Learn Phonics Sounds of Alphabet for Kids, Children and Toddlers, Games, Audio Support, Quiz by The Great Kids. The Great Kids. We teach kids through interactive and Fun Learning Mobile Apps that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity. Education is much more than just teaching school syllabus. It includes igniting curiosity and creativity, facilitating friendly learning experience and providing support. We have multiple free educational apps for preschool and nursery kids upto 5 years that includes Alphabet, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Animal Name, Birds, Shapes and Color, Body Part Name, Nursery Rhymes and Poems, Vehicles, Time, Week, Months and Math for Kids. Much more than kindergarten. We are also coming up with Class 1 or Grade 1 to Grade 10 subjects. Download Educational Apps for Kids from http://www.thegreatkids.comWHAT'S PHONICS SOUNDS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS APP? Bat, Hat, Rat, Cat, Sat, Fat, Mat, Pat, Cab, Dab, Tab, Fab, Nab, Gab, Lab, Jab, Grab, Crab, Bag, Tag, Rag, Wag, Can, Pan, Ban, Fan, Man, Van, Tan, Ran, Bad, Pad, Dad, Mad, Lad, Cad, Sad, Had, Add, Fad, Glad, Cap, Map, Gap, Rap, Lap, Sap, Nap, Tap, Chap, Clap, Bay, Lay, Day, May, Hay, Nay, Pay, Jay, Way, Say, Ray, Gas, Has, Dam, Jam, Ram, Yam, Pram, Tram, Ma'am, wax, Fax, Tax, Axe, Crax, Zen, Men, Den, Pen, Hen, Ten, Yen, Ken, Bet, Pet, Get, Set, Met, Vet, Net, Wet, Let, Bed, Wed, Fed, Red, Led, Beg, Peg, Leg, Keg, Sea, Tea, Pea, Bee, Wee, Fee, Tee, Gee, See, Fib, Rib, Nib, Bib, Big, Pig, Dig, Mig, Fig, Wig, Jig, Rig, Bit, Fit, Hit, Kit, Pit, Sit, Did, Hid, Bid, lid, Kid, Rid, Bin, Tin, Fin, Sin, Pin, Win, Dip, Sip, Nip, Tip, Hip, Lip, Pip, Zip, Rip, Fix, Mix, Six, Box, Fox, Ox, Bod, Pod, Cod, Rod, God, Sod, Nod, Tod, Bon, Don, Son, Boy, Coy, Toy, Joy, Hot, Lot, Cot, Not, Dot, Pot, Jot, Rot, Got, Mob, Fob, Rob, Hob, Sob, Job, Bob, Cob, Dog, Fog, Hog, Jog, Log, Mop, Cop, Top, Pop, Sop, Hop, Cub, Rub, Pub, Dub, Tub, Hub, Sub, Snub, But, Cut, Hut, Nut, Sun, Gun, Bun, Run, Fun, Nun, Bug, Dug, Hug, Jug, Mug, Rug, Bus, Pus, Plus, Cup, Up, Pup, Sup. Back, Sack, Lack, Hack, Pack, Tack, Brass, Grass, Pass, Class, Glass, Hang, Gang, Rang, Bang, Sang, Pang, Came, Game, Same, Name, Tame, Lame, Crave, Rave, Save, Brave, Wave, Gave, Band, Hand, Sand, Rand, Land, Grand, Cage, Page, Rage, Wage, Sage, Teenage, Bake, Sake, Lake, Make, Cake, Drake, Bane, Cane, Plane, Mane, crane, Lane, Camp, Ramp, Lamp, Vamp, Rank, Tank, Bank, Sank, Blank, Crank, Hare, Mare, Care, Fare, Bent, Rent, Went, Gent, Tent, Head, Lead, Read, Dead, Heed, Seed, Need, Breed, Deed, Bleed, Sing, King, Ring, Swing, Fling, Spring, Miss, Hiss, Kiss, Sick, Kick, Hick, Lick, Tick, Live, Five, Hive, Dive, Ripe, Wipe, Pipe, Swipe, Gripe, Stripe, Kite, Bite, Site, Mite, Write, Quite, Pink, Link, Sink, Mink, Blink, Think, Dice, Mice, Rice, Nice, Lice, Vice, Side, Ride, Tide, Hide, Wide, Bide, Hope, Mope, Rope, Dope, Cope, Grope, Close, Pose, Nose, Hose, Rose, Dose, Cock, Rock, Lock, Sock, Block, Knock, Clock, Ball, Fall, Call, Wall, Bill, Hill, Kill, Mill, Fill, Chill, Poll, Doll, Toll, Roll, Like, Mike, Nike, Coke, Poke, Yoke, Broke, Bloke, Suck, Tuck, Duck, Luck, Buck, Muck. Regards
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