Good Habits & Manners for Kids

Learn Good Habits, Safety and Manners for Kids, Children and Toddlers, Games, Audio Support, Quiz by The Great Kids. The Great Kids. We teach kids through interactive and Fun Learning Mobile Apps that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity. Education is much more than just teaching school syllabus. It includes igniting curiosity and creativity, facilitating friendly learning experience and providing support. We have multiple free educational apps for preschool and nursery kids upto 5 years that includes Alphabet, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Animal Name, Birds, Shapes and Color, Body Part Name, Nursery Rhymes and Poems, Vehicles, Time, Week, Months and Math for Kids. Much more than kindergarten. We are also coming up with Class 1 or Grade 1 to Grade 10 subjects. Download Educational Apps for Kids from http://www.thegreatkids.comWHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS APP? Section 1: Good Habits Watch tv from a safe distance. Always cross at the Zebra crossing. Always walk on footpath. Wake up early in the morning. Pray to god daily. Always wear clean clothes. Do exercise everyday. Always stand erect. Eat healthy food. Do homework regularly. Go to bad early at night. Brush your teeth twice a day. Take a bath everyday. Comb our hair neatly. Cut and clean our hair. Cover nose and mouth while coughing, sneezing and yawning. Wash hands before and after eating. Throw garbage in a dustbin. Keep our books neat and tidy. Save your pocket money. Save water. Keep yourself neat and tidy. Share things. Go to school on time. Always sit erect. Stand in queue to board bus. Save electricity. Drinking milk is good for health. Do yoga everyday. Clean up toy room. Watering plants. Wear clean uniform. Section 2: Good Manners Take care of public property. Help people in need. Honesty is the best policy. Borrow things politely. Keep silence. Give respect to elders. Wish father's day to your father. Wish mother's day to your mother. Say 'Thank you'. Say 'Namaste' to elders. Say 'sorry' when you make mistake. Say 'excuse me' when you disturb someone. Say 'goodbye' when you take a leave. Section 3: Safety Keep distance while bursting crackers. Do not board or get off a moving bus. Fly kite safely. Do not poke finger in to fan. Use scissor carefully. Use ear buds to clean your ear. Do not touch hot iron. Do not accept anything from a stranger. Do not talk to a stranger. Use float while swimming. Regards
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