Learn Hebrew Light FREE

Learning Hebrew was never as fun as now. "Learn Hebrew, light Free " is fully audio annotated, interactive app to train your visual memory and learning Hebrew spelling. Learning Hebrew was never so fun and easy as now. "Learn Hebrew, light FREE" allows a user to choose from 14 subjects and decide if the user wants to learn to speak only or read/ write as well. Full version of each subject includes phrases drills and is presented in respective app for the sake of memory saving. Each subject is annotated by native speaker voice and pictures. The user moves freely from pictures and pronunciation to spelling in Hebrew or learns oral skills combining of picture and sound only. This app divides the reading and the oral comprehension skills into two separate presentation screens. The student advance from from oral comprehension to reading or other way around. Download "Learn Hebrew, light FREE" right away, and start to learn Hebrew language and speak Hebrew anytime, anywhere. Simply choose from the following: 1. Hebrew Alphabet, reading (For the first run on the app this subject is excluded) 2. Spelling games in Hebrew, such as sorting abc by order, puzzles, hearing training etc.3. Foods and drinks in Hebrew4. Numbers in Hebrew5. Colors in Hebrew6. Countries and nationalities in Hebrew7. Professions in Hebrew8. Work places in Hebrew9. Gender in nouns and adjectives in Hebrew10. Verb in Pa'al, interactive drills11. Grammar issues in Hebrew12. Modal Verb in Hebrew13. Family and possessive pronoun. 14. Personal pronoun in HebrewSimple phrases, using short phrase, prepositions, word order gamessorting games, memory games etc, are NOT a part of this light version and is presented in the respective full apps version. Suitable for ages 4 to 120Developed by university instructor specialized in Hebrew language assimilation. Intuitive user interface with simple back, forward and next level buttons. Combines pictures and sounds with structured learning. Offline learning: Once a course is downloaded, no internet connection is required. Practice the dialogue with text or only orally. Vocabulary building and verb games based on intuitive perception.
Operating System Android