Physics Calculator Pro

Physics Calculator Pro has more features than it's predecessor Physics Calculator and it has improved upon features from the original app. Here is what is what comes with the upgrade: NO ADS- Very Clean User Interface; easy flow, simple colors, better experience. Just take a look at our screenshots- Bugs and glitches have been fixed- Conversions (English to Metric, Metric to English) - Only one solve button, rather than 3-4 on the predecessor, adding to a cleaner and simpler user experience. Formula written out to let user know what the actual formula is- More Formulas. Formulas included: Kinematics- Linear Motion- Velocity- Acceleration- Energy- Potential Energy- Kinetic Energy- Work- Power- Centripetal Force- Conversions- And Much MORE. As always, our app will contain the necessary formulas needed on the Physics MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) All Rights ReservedShah Development LLCFounder and CEO: Ishaan Shah.
Operating System Android