Anatomy VR

You will see and walk in 360 degrees and learn what the different parts of the human body are called. Both muscles and skeleton. Tranaslate: Spanish, German, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, French, Indonesian, Romanian, Swedish, Thai, Welsh. An education project for teachers, university students, who is constantly reviewing to improve their content. Creators of Solar System VR and Universe VRHeadset support vrArse, homido, Lakento, VRelia, Durovis Dive 5, H one, altergaze, Vr-park-II, Pico, bobovr, view master, vrizzmo, noon vr, vr shinecon, Letv LeVR cool1, Cmoar vr, Zeiss vr one, freefly vr, fibrum, vr box, refugio3d, Gamingvisor, Viewbox, dscvr, virtualvizor, VR lens Lab, fove, opto, XG, Homebox, Evolo, headset Decals, share, flatvr, hifly, evomade, iBlue, Virtual Reality Headset, Lettv, ibaddy, Magic, riem, riem2, deepoon m2, vico, onebutton, Blitzwolf, afunta, andoer, baofeng mojing, Loop VR.
Operating System Android