MosaLingua Business Spanish

Made for those who are ready to master business Spanish and launch themselves into the professional world, our method was specifically designed for rapid progression with a few minutes per day. The MosaLingua method allows you to memorize key vocabulary and expressions in Spanish that are actually useful in your workplace. Thanks to its integrated dialogues, you will rapidly improve your comprehension and pronunciation all while learning naturally. AN EFFICIENT, PRAGMATIC AND USEFUL APPROACH TO PREPARE FOR A PROFESSIONAL SETTING> Easily express yourself over the phone> Write emails> Socialize with partners, colleagues and clients> Lead or participate in a meeting> Make a CV and succeed at a job interview in Spanish> Negotiate> Participate at a public event, expo, conference, etc.Motivate a team> Lead a projectCONTENT THAT TARGETS THE SPECIALIZED VOCABULARY OF YOUR FIELD> Customer service> Human resources> Sales, purchasing> Finances, accounting> Advertising, marketing> Information technology> Logistics, production> Management, administrationA LEARNING METHOD BASED ON CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH: MosaLingua Business Spanish uses the spaced repetition system. See the video here: http://mosalingua.comFeatures: > learn business Spanish with a concrete, effective method: each revision flashcard is predetermined according to your specific difficulties> save time: spend your precious time learning what's useful and leaving behind what isn't> permanently adapts to your rhythm and difficulties - it's like having your own Spanish teacher on your smartphone> relies on your visual and oral memory as well> reinforces your memory over the long term MOBILE LEARNING (GREAT FOR VACATION OR COMMUTING) > learning sessions of varying length - from two minutes up to 30 minutes depending on your free time > no internet connection required: everything is offline. stop and restart your business Spanish lesson at any moment> constantly adapts to your speed and difficultiesCONTENT> more than 2, 500 cards with words and phrases in Spanish, pronounced by native speakers> numerous tips from experts to help you in your professional life> 18 main categories: emails, finding a job, speaking on the phone, meetings, presentations, sales, marketing, finances, etc.over 100 secondary categories: making contact, writing an agenda, writing the proceedings of a meeting, putting together a work dinner> 10 levels: key competencies of Spanish vocabulary in your profession> 7 dialogues staged during the most common professional scenarios> over 100 bonuses to unlock as you progress> online Spanish dictionary> exclusive option to add your own flashcardsMosaLingua Business Spanish is suited for those who have a basic understanding of Spanish and/or those who want to develop their Spanish for the workplace and international settings. For true beginners, we recommend you try MosaLingua Spanish first. That app constantly evolves: Free updates are regularly provided. NOTE: The application requires certain authorizations to work correctly. If you have any doubts on this topic, please contact us for more details. Thanks for your understanding.
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