Aedict3 KanjiPad Extension

Provides more accurate kanjipad for Aedict3. knows a lot more kanjis than the internal kanjipad- stroke order and stroke count requirements are not as strict as with the internal kanjipad- please buy if you wish to support the Aedict3 authorThis application does not work stand-alone - it is a plugin for Aedict3 and requires Aedict3 3.7 and higher to work properly. Please do not buy if you have not bought Aedict3 as well - this app will not work without Aedict3. To activate the Aedict3 kanjipad Extension: please head to Aedict3 Settings, Kanjipad and make sure the "Aedict Kanjipad Extension" option is selected. Aedict3 will now assist you with buying and/or installing of this application. Head to "Kanji search" and click the "Brush" icon - the extension is activated automatically and will provide search results instead of the internal kanjipad. Based on the valuable Ulrich Apel's KanjiVG data - thank you very much for your hard work, this app wouldn't be possible without your valuable work. The INTERNET permission is only required in order for the automatized crash reporting system to report any crashes, since the Android built-in crash reporting system is next to useless.
Operating System Android