Exciting educational game "Draw Dots". The image of the animal, "alive", if the child is in the correct order connects the points marked numbers. Learning to play: developing fine motor skills and muscles of the little fingers, Learn to count, to draw, to develop the skills of calligraphy, learn to read. During the game, the child becomes acquainted with domestic animals, learning to read, increasing your vocabulary words. Easy to manage and intuitive game interface allows small children to play on their own without the help of parents. Against the background of a farm child sees a large number of colorful realistic animals at prorisovyvanii which the child learns to outline animals, learn the basics of colors, shapes, improves hand-eye coordination. Successful completion of the figure, when all points are completed, accompanied by the appearance of balloons as a gift. Without boredom - develop hands. Connect the dots - to "revive" the animal. Found a bug? There is a wish? Please contact us at geniussoftbot@gmail.com. This will help us make the app even better.
Operating System Android