EASAQB - ATPL Question bank

This app provides free access to the EASA FCL questionbank. The app is free and will give you access to a new EASA ATPL exam - as well as help pages - in each subject every 24 hours. This gives you 14 free exams every day. You can take the exams as many times as you want. Additional exams can be added by subscription. EASAQB. COM is a fast online question bank system for the EASA FCL theoretical knowledge exams. The question bank is intended for commercial airline pilot students, as well as private pilot students, wishing to pass the ATPL, CPL or CBIR/EIR exams as defined by the EASA FCL rules. The question bank was created - and is maintained by - a group of professional ATPL teachers from various EASA countries. We try to make the online exam system the best there is in terms of valid questions, features and usability. We continuously update the question bank to reflect the real life exams in the best way possible. For more information visit our website www.easaqb.com.
Operating System Android