Pearson eText 2.0

With the Pearson eText 2. 0 app you can read, view interactive media and study anytime and anywhere. The Pearson eText 2. 0 app lets you access the same interactive, web-based version of your course textbook on your tablet or mobile phone, offline and online, so you can read and study as you move throughout your day - on the train, on the bus, or whenever you have a moment - without breaking stride. Once you have logged into your MyLab or Mastering course, use the same login name and password to check out some of the ways the Pearson eText 2. 0 app lets you learn where you want to, when you want to: Download an interactive version of your textbook to your devices to read and study even when you're offline. View interactive images, videos and animations that help bring your textbook's content to life. Search for content in the interactive textbook by keyword or page number. Bookmark, highlight and take notes throughout the interactive version of your course textbook at your convenience.
Operating System Android