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Over 1, 000, 000 PencilBot Feed Me. iOS and Android apps already downloaded. This app consists of 1 free sampler and 3 In-App-Purchases (IAPs). The sampler includes 15 questions to give you a taste of what the PencilBot Preschool app offers. The 3 IAPs (Mathematical Concepts, Language Arts and additional Language Concepts) consist of 2 levels per IAP, 34 subjects covering 40+ concepts, and 44 animated trophies to motivate kids to learn. The PencilBot preschool Feed Me. series offers a one-stop solution for preschoolers' learning needs - whether learning comprehensive knowledge and concepts for school readiness or learning a 1st, 2nd, or multiple languages. It is created by our team of teachers, game designers, and parents who have developed educational games for 15 years. OVERVIEW This simple, easy-to-use game can be enjoyed by children and their parents as they play along. Feed the little monster the correct "food" he is thinking of and unlock trophies for your achievements. Go to for more details. Feed the monster the wrong item and he might get sick. But don't worry; try the question again until you get it correct. Poke the monster for fun. FEATURES (In-App-Purchases). Separate log-in for up to 4 players, each with a personalized avatar. Choose a level, complete a subject, and win its trophy. Fun questions on comprehensive early education concepts: o 200 questions on mathematical concepts (numbers, colors, shapes, etc. ) o 200 questions on language arts (letters and sounds, simple spelling, etc. ) o 200 questions on additional language concepts (feelings, verbs, matching, life sciences, etc. ). 6 animated Trophy Cases to motivate preschoolers to challenge themselves. Progress tracking. Progress reporting. Email-able Diploma SKILLS Expand your vocabulary through images and words. Reinforce learning with audio and text. 1. Mathematical Concepts & More (In-App-Purchase) : Color and shape recognition. Counting and number identification. Sorting and pattern recognition. Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd. ). Basic mathematical equations and concepts. Simple time concepts in digital and analog displays. Prepositions of location (in, out, under. ). Weight and size concepts 2. Language Arts (In-App-Purchase) : Letter sounds and identification. Letter sound locations within a word - beginning, middle, or end. Rhyming. Opposites. Segmenting letter sounds in words. Basic vocabulary words. Simple reading and spelling 3. Additional Language Concepts (In-App-Purchase) : Feelings. Animals & their homes. Occupations. Grouping & matching. Weather & seasons. Body parts. Opposites. Healthy habits. Safety. Signs. Life cycles. Verbs. ComparisonsTake advantage of children's natural ability to learn multiple languages. Check out our other PencilBot preschool apps in these languages: US English, UK English, Mexican Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi and Hawaiian. We appreciate and listen to your feedback. If you have a tech issue, please contact us at before leaving a review.
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