GRE TestBank 340

The #1 GRE Testing app. Rated BEST prep testing engine. Try to crash it. You can't. It's all in ONE app. GRE Math and GRE Verbal sections are fully covered. Our goal is for you is to increase your GRE score to gain acceptance into the graduate school of your choice and/or receive a scholarship. Complete rationale for every GRE question. Understand "why" an answer is correct. Updated for 2016 & 2017. Performance Statistics: Track your strengths and weaknesses. Customized Testing Options (all or targeted subjects). Adaptive Learning Technology: Re-calibrates, based on your performance. Seen Least Option: Avoid repeating questions. Missed Most Option: Review questions you missed most often. Favorite Option: Flag specific questions for review later. Retake entire test or only missed questions: Maximum retention. Test-taking advice, tips, and strategies: You'll be prepared. Frequent Updates: Help you stay up on the latest material. ADAPTIVE LEARNING TECHNOLOGY: Your GRE TestBank is continually re-calibrated every time you answer a question, based on your personal performance. 1, 470 GRE Questions100% multiple choice questions along with guideline answers focusing on every subject area. Practicing these questions will greatly reduce your risk of encountering surprises on exam day. Rationale given for every single questionExplanations and rationale provided for every question. This makes TestBank a truly stand-alone program. You will not need to refer to another source for rationale while you are using TestBank. Your learning will be more efficient and productive since everything you need to know is in front of you. You choose which subjects to studyDepending on your learning needs or time frame, you can decide to take a specific number of questions randomly selected from ALL of the subject areas, any COMBINATION of the subjects, or an INDIVIDUAL subject. The order of the QUESTIONS is always scrambled. TestBank keeps you on your toes. Become a better test taker, creating confidence in the materials learned. The order of the ANSWERS is always scrambled. Forces you to read/understand each answer choice instead of remembering which answer is correct based on its order. Your performance is tracked. Your performance is displayed when you open the app, allowing you to track your progress and target your studies. TestBank tracks your cumulative performance, both overall and by subject area. Questions Seen LeastTestBank knows which questions you have seen/answered the least often. When you choose this option (it's the default option), the questions that you have seen the least number of times will display first. Questions Missed MostTestBank tracks when you get a question incorrect. After using TestBank for a while, you will want to focus on the questions that you have missed most often. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you have any GRE TestBank questions or suggestions: Email: info@allenprep.comPhone: 401. 965. 0340Allen Resources | Since 1993.
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