Monster Math Flash Cards

Monster Math Flash Cards for kids is an engaging way for kids to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with an array of cute monsters. With the Monster Math Flash Cards app, you can choose from a range of numbers or you can enter your own, which is great for kids who are having trouble with certain math facts. Each card contains an animated monster that will entertain kids while they practice their math facts. This helps motivate kids to practice and improve. At the end of each game, a report is displayed that tracks the child's speed as well as missed math problems. Main features include: Cute animated monster themed app for fun learning. Math problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Options to create your own math problems, select from a range of numbers, or use doubles facts. Answers can be displayed as multiple choice or manually entered by numeric keypad. Up to 50 flash cards per game. History report displays missed problems for each game ordered by date. Cards range from 0-12. Ad-free and no tracking of user information. Large easy to read numbers and buttons. Kid tested.
Operating System Android