123 Numbers Candy - Endless

123 Numbers Candy (Candybots) - Endless counting the number 1 to 10 - Education app for babyWelcome to Candy Factory with 123 number candy characters. The app educate for baby toddler and preschoolers how to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 number so easy and funny. Let's visit Candy machine where there are plenty of tasty and cute candy numbers. Learn count endless numbers order 0 to 9 with yummy colorful candy for 2 to 8 year-old children. 123 Numbers endless - a Candybots app - is an early easy numeracy learning fun app: recognition, sequences, quantity, numerical counting, order with funny candy. Each candy features interactive sequences lively, with their own characteristics in colorful context. Friendly, simple and delightful interface of this simple education app that allows children to play without help from parents, and approach early education for young age kids. This is a perfect way to encourage kids learn and count 0 to 9. numbers in English. Numbers so simple for todders learning with these feature: Easy to hear - exact American - English kid voice, helps children get aquainted and/or enhance English in a funny and simple way. Recognition: Kids from baby toddlers learn counting, identifying and reading 0 to 9 digit numbers- The numbers trace endless- children learn how to write numbers step - by - step in a fun and simple way. Kids learn number trace also improve hand-eye coordination. Counting endless: 123 characters animation brings abstract candy figures into live - reinforce kids to learn sequential order of numbers as and read 123 English easily and fast. 123 reading and learn to count skill-building - counting for kids 2-8 years old by enjoying uniquely designed fun experience without parents' support. 3 numbers are free to try with numbers in Number Full Packs available for purchase- No ads in Candybots apps. Tips: In the search bar, enter ''Candybots'' to find all of our products. Candybots kids apps, focus on digital content for 2 to 8 year-old preschoolers and elementary school children, is a dynamic team who majorly create: Educational apps for kids - children learn basic knowledge in a fun, easy and simple way: 123 Numbers, Alphabet Abc, Animals, Fruits, Shapes, Colors. - Game apps for children - Game-based learning helps with skill-building, hand-eye coordination, problem - solving and increases a child's memory capacity: Cars, Planes, Doctors, Hospital, Superhero. - Animated video songs and cartoons - Educate children's good manners and enhance moral growth, raise sense of humor, emotional intelligence, knowing of sharing and empathy. Our education apps are designed with friendly display, lively and colorful visuals with funny candy figures and delightful animations, which will help children in self - developing their intelligence as well as creativity. Together with Candybots apps - kids app, preschoolers will find learning is interesting in their own way. We want to bring our Candybots apps for kids to children all over the world.
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