Carewiser - Daycare Finder

Carewiser is a Smart Daycare Vacancy finder. It combines information from daycare service-provider network, user community, and publicly available data to predict a Vacancy in your neighbourhood. This is the best app available for you if you want to take control of your Daycare search. It makes your search more direct and efficient by providing intelligent leads on Vacancies in your neighbourhood and helps you find the child care center your kids will love. Save time with search for Daycare On-the-go, Make Search Effective using Vacancy Leads, Organize your Daycare search with Location based listing, Bookmarks, Reviews, Vacancy Notifications. Features for Parents: 1. Daycare search ON-THE-GO 2. Get Daycare Vacancies in your neighbourhood3. Get all the relavant information regarding the Daycare at fingertip4. Get Daycare reviews on factors that matter5. Bookmark Daycares for followup 6. Subscribe your search for Real-Time Vacancy notifications. Are you a Daycare service Provider? Register with us for FREE. Carewiser is where Parents come to search for Daycare Vacancies in their neighbourhood. Register your Daycare with us and start maintianing your Vacancy information to quickly fill up Vacancies. Best of all, it's completely FREE. Stay Organized. Access and Edit Vacancy Information for your Business On-the-Go. Once you have your Business registered with Carewiser, It takes less than 10 seconds to update Vacancy information for your Daycare. Where Vacancy information can be immediately relayed to all the Parents searching for Daycare for their Child in the same neighbourhood. Filling up Vacancies can't get any simpler.
Operating System Android