Bahuka - The College App

Currently in BETA at a few Colleges and Universities in Colorado. Our platform allows students to find the most compatible professor for them based on how they learn. Using our matching algorithm. Our Class Group feature connects students with fellow classmates, other students, and professors who are taking or teaching their course. We all intake information differently Bahuka's learning assessment determines how you learn information in the four major methods. Auditory - learning through listening, Visual - learning through visual aids, Kinesthetic - learning through a hands-on approach, and Textual - learning through note taking. Professors tend to teach information similarly to how they learned it. Through a similar assessment we determine their teaching style in the same four methods. Only see classes available at your school. Get live registration information on courses. From number of seats available, Professor information, room number, dates, and times. Courses selected are saved in your Teacher List so you never loose your class details. By partnering with your College or University Bahuka can provide you an enhanced registration experience. We work really hard to ensure our algorithm provides you the most compatible matches. Bahuka displays professors teaching your course in order of most compatible to your learning assessment results. We understand scheduling as a college student is a hastle, and time is important. We believe your professor is just as important. Get to know them, choose the best match for you. College is a community filled with the brightest and most interesting people. Bahuka is not a rating platform, we believe connection and collaboration is the key to a healthier college experience. With Bahuka you can get to know your professors, their teaching styles, career background, and more importantly the person. With Bahuka Class Groups you can connect with everyone on campus that is taking the same course as you, and professors teaching that course. Post a question, share a link, start a hashtag, answer questions, or upload your notes to the Group News feed. Join Bahuka. Help us spread the word about Bahuka. Message your College, share our app, follow and like us on social media. College is hard enough, your support helps us work better for the student, faculty, and College. Thank you much. Colleges registered on Bahuka. Pikes Peak Community College. University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
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