Fun Science: The Human Body

Teaches how the human body works through a girl's story who wants to become a doctor The most pleasant and effective way to teach children human anatomy, how to be healthy and how the human body works by Dr Fanou an e-learning researcher More than 80 screens/pages long Intended for ages 6 - 12 Appropriate for both school and home learning Can be included as part of science in grades 1,2,3,4 or 5 Does NOT include advertisements NO in app purchases Free DEMO version available It is about the story of Stefanie who wants to have a career in medicine when she grows up. Stefanie starts learning how the human body works and how to be healthy. Users learn by following the story of Stefanie. This app does not have the feel of a pure science book. It uses a technique of teaching science which incorporates storytelling. The fictional aspect of the app which involves the story of Stefanie appeals to children's feelings making the title more attractive and entertaining. The app addresses both the emotions and intellect of a child. To make learning interesting, fun and effective the app uses: â?¢ Videos of Stefanie role playing and demonstrating ideas â?¢ Animations which visualize concepts making them easier to understand â?¢ Attractive graphics â?¢ Voice over â?¢ Interactivity â?¢ Humour This title is: â?¢ A serious educational resource for the home or an educational institution â?¢ Developed by Dr Fanou an e-learning researcher, with the suggestions of children of the targeted age group â?¢ Designed by children for other children (child-to-child design) â?¢ Tested by children of the targeted age group â?¢ Offers quality educational content of some length typical of a book â?¢ Uses effective and research proven e-learning pedagogy â?¢ The material is presented in a non-confusing fashion appropriate for children â?¢ Contains video, animation and interactivity at the proper places and the correct quantity to engage rather than distract a child â?¢ Uses vector graphics which do not lose their quality on any size screen Dr. S. Fanou holds a BA degree in Interactive Arts and Media from Columbia College in Chicago, USA. A masters degree in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and a PhD from the University of the West of England, UK. He has conducted research in e-learning and software accessibility.
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Version 4.0.0
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