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Welcome to English Essays App.Application contains more than 200+ essays. Which is beneficial for students and elders according to there examination and stage representation as well as further studies. From this application students can learn how to write essay and how to perform on stage. From this app students will get more confident while facing examination. It is very essay to get score in essays, with this application students will be familiar with any type of essays. For essay writing needs more practice. Student should be practice 4-5 essays in a week. And absolutely this application will help to score more in exam. ALL THE BEST. This is a offline app. If you like any essays or any suggestion mail us.Essay types- Persuasive Essay- Expository Essay- Descriptive Essay- Narrative Essay- How to Write EssaySome Essays- Science in everyday life,- The importance of scientific research,- The various methods of advertising and their effectiveness,- "Health is wealth". To what extent would you agree ?,- Eventually computers will allow people to work from home. Is this desirable ?- Food preservation,- The uses of forests,-Modern youth,- Children's Safety,- The benefits of exercise- Travel as a part of education,- A Rainy Day,- The pursuit of happiness,- Natural disasters,- Advertisements- Religion,- Friendships,- Media,- A Daring Rescue,- My childhood home,- A visit to the dentist
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