Tulango: Learn English Free

Our approach to learning English is based on the idea that it is far more effective if you can have language learning materials that are customized for you. Tulango makes that happen. Based on your current language level and the interest areas you choose, you'll be provided with many guides and tools that can help you build your own materials, maximizing efficiency of your investment in foreign language learning. There are four main sections we encourage you to use regularly: 1. Browse websites within our app: Tulango makes it simple and convenient to browse the web. Bookmark your favorite websites and read articles using our instant dictionary function. See a word you don't understand? Click on the word for its meaning and save it for later, along with the sentence and link where you first saw the word. Tag the word the way you like for later use or sharing with friends. 2. My Workbook: all the words and definitions you save are sent here. You'll see that every word on the list has its own mark. This is part of a system that will help you decide how much effort you should put in learning a particular word. 3. Shared Workbook: Here you will see the power of sharing. Go beyond your native language barrier and interact with people around the world who share your level of fluency and similar interests. Even though other learners might speak a language that is different from your own, everyone will be able to share their experiences here. You can copy words to My Workbook and follow the links here to find new sources of information that will broaden your knowledge base. 4. Test & Check: Our patented algorithms enable you to build tests customized for you. All the vocabulary you stored in the My Workbook section, along with other people's in the Shared Workbook, are turned into a series of tests that are focused only on you. There are also more time-saving options to explore, in order to use your precious time more efficiently. Finally in the Performance section, you will find stats that are intuitive and will help you see how you are performing compared to other users in your level or compared to all users.
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