Chemical Engineering Vault

Ever seeking a guideline for a Lab Report, an idea about your up-coming EXAM, a blue print for your Capstone project? a little hint? well, in this app there is more than that. I have gathered a rich well reviewed (Lab Reports, PAST EXAMS, lecture Notes, 14 Plant Design Projects) through out my study in College. 14 Capstone Projects. (for the subject of Plant Design -Senior Design-). (Full project Written in academic way 200+of pages). 1) Capturing and Utilisation of Carbon dioxide. 2) Antibiotics Production (Erythromycin Production). 3) Design of Ethyl-benzene Production Plant in Kuwait. 4) The Production of Formalin from Methanol. 5) The Production of Hydrogen Plant6) Production of Ethanol from syngas7) Production of Ethylbenzene by Vapor-Phase Technology (Third-Generation) 8) Production of Ethylene Glycol9) Production of Heptene from Propylene and Butenes10) Production of Hydrochloric Acid (Only 4 Equpment Design Calculations) 11) Production of Propylene Glycol12) Production of Propylene Oxide By Chlorohydrin Process Using Cell Liquor13) Production of Synthesis Gas From Natural Gas By Steam Reforming (Literature Survey + Hysys + Equipment design total 280+page) 14) Production of Urea. The content of this app covers Past Exams & Lab Reports for most of the major subjects: Fundamental of Chemical Engineering (aka Basic in my College) Kinetics and Reactor Design (A) Kinetics and Reactor Design (B) Mass Transfer OperationsThermodynamics IIProcess Synthesis and DesignFluid Mechanics Lab Reports and Past ExamsHeat Transfer Lab Mass Transfer Operations LabProcess Dynamic and Control Labin Addition to: Chemistry I LabChemistry II LabAnalytical Chemistry LabPhysical Chemistry Lab. Furthermore, Lecture Notes for some of the subjects are Included. We are Planing for increasing and adding more. Hope you find this app useful throughout your study in college.
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