Sun to Moon Sleep Clock

Help your kids learn when it's time to get out of bed with Sun to Moon Sleep Clock. Once the sun has set, 26 stars are removed at regular intervals throughout the night to help them gauge how long they need to wait until morning. They can also watch for the shooting star, which moves slowly across the across the top of the screen, reaching the other side at sunrise. In the morning your child will have earned one Snooze Coin for every hour in bed which can be exchanged in the Sun and Moon shops for accessories and presents. Sunset and sunrise can be set on a continuous daily basis or by entering a one-off sunrise time and hitting 'Goodnight' to activate night mode immediately. Visual sunset and sunrise with custom artwork by Michael Sibley ( Super-easy to setup and operate. Soothing sleep music with adjustable timer that plays after sunset. Choose between whale song, white noise (hair dryer), harp music, washing machine, clock ticking, breaking waves or off. Audible sunrise alarm. Choose between digital alarm clock, birds singing, cockerel, charge fanfare, cats meowing, trumpet, bongos, a cheerful tune or off. Snooze coins earned throughout the night can be spent in the Sun and Moon shops on accessories and presents. Star countdown with stars removed at regular intervals throughout the night to give a visual representation of how far through the night it is. Twinkling star 'final countdown' which can be set to display towards the end of the night with the 12 stars being removed at more frequent intervals than the main stars. Shooting star night-time progress indicator. Auto-dim mode to brighten and dim the screen half an hour either side of sunrise and sunset. Set a reading time of up to an hour and specify whether it should be at sunrise, sunset or both. The moon will read its book during this time period. Tap the moon's nose 4 times to activate an early sunrise with multiple delay settings. Settings pin code lock. If you forget your pin the master pin is 8529. Dimmable night setting to reduce glare and save energy. Note: Please ensure your device is plugged in and that notifications are silenced whilst using this app. If you forget your settings pin the master pin is 8529. If you find the app useful or have any good suggestions then I would really appreciate a rating/review in the app store. Positive reviews encourage me to keep working on the app and constructive feedback provides me with new ideas that I always try to implement if possible. Thank you.
Operating System Android