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Improve your guitar and ukulele skills and become a better musician with this educational app. With Rock Like The Pros, you can become a better guitar player, ukulele player, and musician. Simply follow the app's innovative methods, which were designed specifically for guitar students ranging from the beginning to advanced level. Features: Follow a step-by-step curriculum. Learn a variety of music styles. Improve your music theory skills. Watch over 300 videos. View new content added weeklyRock Like The Pros breaks down the learning process into three key sections: Curriculum, Styles, and Music Theory. In the curriculum section, follow step-by-step instruction at the beginning, intermediate, advanced, or expert level. Alternatively, you can learn by choosing any music style, whether it be rock, blues, pop, strumming songs, finger style, jazz, classical, bossa nova, funk or country. Or if you prefer, focus on the Music Theory section where you can learn music reading, fret board harmony, chord construction, scale formulas and more. Learn the aspects of guitar, ukulele, and music that you really want and need to know to improve your skills. Watch over 300 videos and gain 3-5 new videos every week. Receive new content automatically, without having to manually update the app. Student Feedback: "The book provides easily digestible material in a well thought out pace. " -Romeo J. "The diversity of this book helped me find which styles I really love playing. " -Fred R. "Challenging. Just what I needed. Awesome material that teaches all the genres we need to know. " -Jack M. What are you waiting for? Download Rock Like The Pros and begin developing your musical talents today. For more information, visit
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