Who are we? We are a group of parents, moms, dads, educators, family members, who care about raising our children in a healthy and safe environment, that combines their needs with our daily family routine. And that should also go by in line with the progress of modern technology and media in their lives. Reading stories to our children is probably an intimate act that should take place everyday, and since time is tight and our days are full of tasks at home and work, we figured out we can mix appealing technology, reading stories, having quality time, and also learning new things all in one application. KidStoriz is the mobile app we've developed to provide children from age 1 to 6 years old, the uniqueness of storytelling by the voice of their parents or their caregivers, along with educational material that help them learn and develop their skills, accompanied by colorful sketches. We have two issues we need to address: First Mobile phones and gadgets are indispensable at our homes, and children are developing new skills using them nowadays. Yet, parents are not always around to monitor the usage of such technology and what is has to offer for their children. Second Excess exposure to gadgets and using unsupervised applications makes it harder for children to interact with people in the real world. KidStoriz solves these issues. It provides both interaction and skills development for children, under your supervision. You'll get to read every story, and see what it offers, on a moral and educational level, and you'll give it the personal touch by recording it with your voice. Children will listen and watch a story with your own voice, and also see you and themselves included with characters in each story. About KidstorizKidStoriz is the first personalized, educational, and entertaining storytelling mobile App. , developed specially for children and their families. It saves time, easy to control, and children can use it all by themselves without any help. With the usage of KidStoriz, you'll make storytelling a unique experience for both you and your children in a safe and secure environment. What makes KidStoriz unique? - It is global. You can choose to read the stories with your own language. Each story will have it's own personal and unique touch. Children can use it all by themselves without anyone's help. No advertisements that lead to other Apps or uncensored content. No need for an internet connection after you download the stories, as the remaining steps can be done offline. Stories in 3 different languages, English, Spanish, and Arabic- It's completely FREE. Get started1. Download the application from the App Store or Google Play. 2. Register as a parent. 3. Create your avatar. 4. Register your child. 5. Create his/her avatar. 6. Record some personalized and familiar words to your child with your voice. 7. Download a story from the library. 8. Record the story you've downloaded. 9. Go to Kidstoriz library. 10. Play the story and enjoy it with your child.
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