Gradelink Student/Parent

NOTE: To use this app your school must be a Gradelink subscriber. See for more info. The Gradelink Mobile app helps keep students and their parents totally involved in their academic performance. Easily view class and assignment grades, attendance, upcoming homework and more. View your school's news page. Quickly access your class schedule, including locations. View current grades and assignments for all classes, including teacher comments. Quick view of upcoming assignments, plus graphs of performance by assignment type category. Easily retrieve your latest report card. View current and historical attendance. View discipline entries. Access billing statements and see current charges. Set and update grade alerts for all of your classes, including overall grade as well as individual assignment performance, high or low. (e. g. Tell me when my grade drops to a C). Set and update attendance alerts. Parents, quickly switch between your kids' accounts at the same school. and more. Certain features only available if enabled by your school. For information or assistance logging in, please contact your school office.
Operating System Android