Jobulator Mobile

With the Jobulator mobile app, you can be notified of and accept substitute jobs that are available in the Aesop system right from your Android smartphone or tablet. Jobulator is the easy way for you to make sure you don't miss a job opportunity, without being tied to your computer. You must have an active Jobulator account to log into the Jobulator app. What is Jobulator? Jobulator is a subscription service that provides automatic, continuous checking and notification of your job offers in Aesop, plus easy job acceptance. With the Jobulator app, you can: Accept jobs in the application without having to log in to Aesop. Enjoy an easy-to-use mobile interface. Receive notifications when a job becomes available for you in Aesop. View half-day and full-day icons on the Jobs screen. Receive links to lesson plan attachments. View absence notes from the teacher. Receive Aesop web alerts and notifications. View the district name on the Jobs screen. Reject jobs right from the Jobs screen. Easily access help content. Get directions directly from the appJobulator is the official companion to Aesop, created and supported by Frontline Technologies, the makers of Aesop. The mobile app is free with your Jobulator subscription. Jobulator Mobile is not intended to be a competitive advantage in getting jobs, nor does it increase the number of available jobs for the user. It is intended to be a convenience tool that provides notification and easy acceptance of available jobs in Aesop while you're away from your computer.
Operating System Android