Long Division

The application will teach you how to do a long division. The long division is a fundamental concept of mathematics. It includes the division of course, but also the multiplication, the subtraction and the multiplication tables. Mastering the long division means mastering all these technics. The long division includes all the skills developed in elementary school (and in K-12) in arithmetics (grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5, Common Core Standards: Math. 4. NBT. B. 6). The application proposes two modes: training and learning. In learning mode, the application shows you how to do the long division step by step. Each step is explained and detailed. You can choose the numbers, divisor and dividend, or let the application randomly choose the division to do. So, it will consolidate children's knowledge about the division, and will remind the parents the method (sometimes forgotten. ) In training mode, you do the long division step by step by yourself. The application detects the mistakes, such as forgetting the carry. It gives you indications if you need. Several levels are possible. The easy level proposes simple numbers, for the early learning of division (grade 3). The following levels proposes more and more difficult operations (grade 4 and grade 5). One can choose between integer long division or decimal numbers, with or without intermediate subtraction. The application computes a score from time and mistakes during the division. This gives motivation to your kid to train and let you see the progression in the long division. Note: The application uses vocal synthesis (it speaks) to comment the division. On some devices, it will propose to you to install upgrades of vocal synthesis if you want to get better diction quality.
Operating System Android