Second Grade Math

Second grade math is an application describing the content of Grade 2 Math with calculuses ranging from easy level to difficult one. Second grade math app will support students at grade 2 or even primary students in general to be able to learn Math better and develop their logical thinking. Second grade math app owns a friendly display, interesting and diverse contents, which encourages students at grade 2 to learn Math better. DetailsI. Practice- The contents are very diverse and scientific. They are divided into 5 parts including Calculate, Expression, Comparing, Words problems and Mixed math. 1. CalculateIn this part, students will calculate the subtraction and addition of two-digit numbers put in the vertical line. The calculuses will be expressed vertically. Students will be familiar with putting calculuses in line then calculate. Each calculus has multiple choices for the answer. If students choose the correct answer, they will get 1 point. If not, they will do it again and find the correct answer. The points they get will show their learning process. 2. ExpressionStudents have to calculate expression with two calculuses of multiplication and addition or subtraction and division. They have chances to practice the multiplication and the division from 1 to 5. Calculuses with mixing multiplication, division, addition, subtraction will help students boost their mental arithmetic and calculating rules. 3. Words Problems- Words Problems are the combination of many kinds of math exercises from basic level to advanced level. Exercises are very familiar to students because they describe the daily life. However, they are still challenging. They are the exercises about time, money, age, each of which has one explanation. If students can't answer, they can click on button "answer" to see the explanation. However, students are not encouraged to click on that button because they will not get the point for that exercise. 4. Mixed math- Mixed math is the perfect combination between images and math. Students must focus on observing, analyzing the exercise. They will approach and are accustomed with units of mesurement such as: length, time, weight, simple fractions. From simple images to complicated images, these exercises challenge students' thinking. 5. Comparing- Students have to compare a expression to a number or compare two expressions to each other. This part requires students to think carefully and calculate precisely to choose the correct answer. The comparing exercises will help students improve their mental arithmetic skill and review their knowledge about multiplication table. Gradually, it will help students develop their calculating skills in math. II. Comprehension check- After practicing, it is necessary for students to have some tests to check their understanding and what they have learnt from the first part of this app. Second grade math app will help students check it by providing challenging grade 2 math tests. Students will have 10 tests and must complete at least 5 out of 10 questions of each test to move to another test. They can do unlocked tests. When students can satisfy the requirements of one test, the next test will be unlocked for them to do. Each test includes 10 questions. Students have to finish the test in 20 minutes. The content of the test focuses on what students have learnt and practiced in the first part. Students will calculate the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fill the math symbols of comparison, solve words problems, say the time, and calculate the length of segments. These tests are a perfect method to help students revive their knowledge. We are willing to hear your constructive opinions and feedbacks. Do not hesitate to contact us via the email address: kepham@devpro. vn. Thank you.
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