Real Bed Bug Detector Free

Are you wondering if your house, apartment, hotel, etc. has bugs? Do you want an app that can be your very own bedbug watcher? The Real Bedbug Detector uses original scanning technology to alert you when it sees an insect on your floor or carpet. It's easy to set up and you can start detecting bedbugs and other critters within minutes. The Real Bedbug Detector is an authentic app that watches for any small movements created by bugs, which triggers an alarm so you can deal with the bugs without having to keep your eye on the floor or carpet. Great for using when you are sleeping or when you are away, especially for people who are always traveling and have to sleep in hotels and motels. This app can also scan and detect ants, sowbugs, cockroaches, spiders, etc. Download the Real Bedbug Detector now if you want to see if your place may have bugs. (This is the "Free" version-- it has banner ads, and a one hour scanning timeout. ).
Operating System Android