English Pronunciation - IPA

The English language has 44 different sounds. This English Pronunciation App will help you be familiar with each sound and speak English naturally and easily. Therefore, you can improve your pronunciation and communication in English through common examples in terms of words, sentences, and phrases. English Pronunciation is demonstrated in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which is displayed with a friendly interface. IPA contains 12 vowels, 8 vowel diphthong and 24 consonants clicked directly on the main screen to practise. You can choose your favourite accent: American English or British English. For each sound, you will be guided in detail with a clear phonetic transcription. Besides, we have an enclosed video presented by an American teacher to help you learn more effectively. The signal of each sound is listed in detail and learners can recognize the sound through many available word examples in English Pronunciation app. The pairs of confusing words in speaking are also added for users to distinguish easily. After you know how to pronounce a sound, there are more exercises for you to do, review and to practise your pronunciation. This part helps you remember words, phonetic transcription, and distinguish confusing words. Moreover, we support the translation function to help you can translate english into your language and vice versa. We are trying to develop more useful and new functions for English Pronunciation App and it will be more suitable for all English learners. We hope the English Pronunciation App will be the tool which helps more and more people approach and love English. If you have any feedback, please contact us by email: bapnostore@gmail.com. Thank you for using this app.
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