Canvas Tutor - artist trainer

If you're either an illustrator, comic artist, manga artist or you just want to improve your drawing, take half an hour a day and let Canvas Tutor guide you with its daily quest. If you regularly follow the quests, you will get better in. Anatomy. Character design. Backgrounds. Inking. ColoringGain skill points and take pictures of your works to share your progress. You're free to use whichever technique you like most, from digital inking/coloring to markers or pencils. Please log in to Google Play services when asked to automatically save progress in the cloud, so you can recover them if something breaks or if you get a new phone. NOW AVAILABLE FOR PC/MAC (requires java) jar. SUPPORT THE CANVAS PROJECT. PREORDER THE BOOK. https://igg. me/at/silentbookcanvas/xGRAPHICS BY ILARIA/MOTOKO
Operating System Android