The balloon game - level 1

Reading words - the balloon game This educational game is for children who have already learned some letters and now begin to read words. With just a few basic skills, children can read successfully and thereby expand their reading speed and the repertoire of letters. The first level will start with very short words that are formed from the most frequently occurring letters. In the following levels, new letters arrive and the words are longer. Among the words, syllable swings are drawn, a help to facilitate the reading of several syllables. This free game only contains few tasks and few rewards in level 2 - 5. Level 1 is fully loaded. The grey button can fly in a balloon with a new task. Move the ballon under an appropriate picture and press the green button. There is an second layer under the tasks, where a picture appears. You can switch between the layers with the button at the bottom left. For three tasks solved right, a new detail on the picture underneath will appear. 5 different pictures can be filled with details.
Operating System Android