Learn various management, behavioral, functional and technology courses in just one hour. WHY? - Why spend 20 hours on a course which can be learnt effectively in 1 hour? - Why wait till the next week to continue the course while you have the mood and time to learn right now? - Why pay an exorbitant price for courses while you can find better courses at a fraction of the cost? - Why should learning be filled with boring lectures while it can be captivating and fun-filled? - Why waste days searching for training program? Learn anything, anywhere, anytime from the experts- Why numb your brain surfing TV channels or random websites? Utilize that time in learning something new- Why be restrained to a classroom or shackled to a laptop? Go MobileTHE ONE HOUR PRINCIPLE: One hour - the optimal time a human brain can concentrate while learning- One hour - the optimal time for comprehensive learning of a topic. We put in massive effort to create every course so that your learning becomes effortless. Our courses follow a proprietary methodology based on years of research on the most effective ways to learn- Our courses have been created by subject matter experts with rich experience in their domainTHE CHANGING LEARNING ECOSYSTEM IN THE WORKPLACE - SHIFT TO MOBILE LEARNING: Shift in Learner Profiles: The younger generation prefers using smartphones for all transactions, including learning- Shift in Learning Patterns: Preference for multimedia to stay engaged in a learning environment - videos, gamification, interactivity and bite-sized learning on the go- Shift in Learning Control: Preference towards more self-control over their learning sessions - self-pace, self-time and self-place- Shift in device use pattern: Initiatives like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) have created a mobile device-based learning environment. COUPLED WITH L&D CHALLENGES OF HR FUNCTION- Our employees are very busy. Pulling them out even for a day's training is a herculean task- We've bought e-learning courses; but they are boring and take a lot of time to complete- We want to train all our employees, but we can't. It's expensive- Access to training is a challenge for our field force. Plus they prefer just-in-time quick learningBENEFITS OF MOBILE LEARNING: Anytime, Anywhere learning- Higher engagement quotient- Better retention and completion rate- Self-paced learningCOURSES IN: Analytics- Entrepreneurship- Finance- HR & Compliance- Industry Overview- IT- Management- Operations- Sales & Marketing- Workplace Skills- Behavioral Skills- Functional Skills- Digital Marketing.
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