SMARTIFY is your personal digital curator. It is a mobile app that allows users to scan artworks and gain access to rich commentary left by friends, curators and the artists themselves. It transforms museums and galleries into a place for dialogue and shared experiences. Ever been to a museum and struggled for more information about the artwork? Had to forfeit your retina display and Hi-Fi noise cancelling headphones in favour of a second-hand audio guide and a pre-selected tour? SMARTIFY's team of art lovers/tech nerds are launching a new app that empowers visitors to follow their own preferences, allowing museum-goers to scan any artwork and get access to inspiring audio and video commentary. How it works. Just point your device with SMARTIFY running at an artwork; you will be presented with museum commentary and access to new voices, curators or friends. No more squeezing through crowds to read that little label. All the information you need is at your fingertips. You saw an artwork that you liked? Simple; save your favourite art by the press of a button and start building your own personal collection. Where can I use SMARTIFY? SMARTIFY is currently available across selected art venues. You can visit our website http://smartify. org. uk/locations/ to see a list of collections currently SMARTIFY ready. Current Venues and Collections. National Portrait Gallery Rooms 20 & 4- Cartoon Museum- Roy Lichtenstein's Whaam. at Tate Modern London- Sculptures in the City in London. Where is My Art? You love the app but your favourite artwork or collection is not there yet. Drop us a line at info@smartify. org. uk and we will move mountains to make things happen. Show me how to use SMARTIFY. Here is short demo of our prototype at The National Portrait Gallery: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=BZK9Hr_opV8. Our Mission. SMARTIFY's mission is to enrich visits to art venues by creating meaningful connections with the artwork and the communities who love it. If you are inspired by our story and vision get in touch: info@smartify. org. uk.
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