Basic Accounting

Basic Accounting is an application that gives user an information about the very basics of accounting. The Application contains-Accounting, -Basis of Accounting, -Types of Accounting, -Balance Sheet, -Double Entry Accounting, -Profit and Loss Account, -Ledger Account, -Trial balance, -Reporting period, -Bank Reconciliation, -Debit and credit, -Assets and Liabilities, -Payroll Accounting, -Financial Statements, -Petty Cash Book, -Accruals, -Book Keeping, -Income Statements, -Cash Flow, -Accounting Pronouncement, -Standard CostingSome basic accounting and financial formulas that could help users to understand their business better. Short Term Solvency or Liquidity Ratios, -Long Term Solvency or Financial Leverage Ratios, -Turnover Ratios, -Profitability Ratios, -Market value RatiosThe Application also help user to learn and understand some of the Accounting Principles.
Operating System Android