MFT Licensing Exam App

This App reviews the major theories covered on the National Licensing Exam for Marriage & Family Therapy as well as terms from Assessment and the theoretical foundations of General Systems & Cybernetics. Review the major contributors, key terms and primary interventions organized by theory. This App supplements the Nationally sold book, "The National Licensing Exam for Marriage & Family Therapy: An Independent Study Guide." Theory review includes: History of MFTCyberneticsGeneral Systems TheoryBowen's Multigenerational ApproachContextual Family TherapyObject-Relations TheoryMRI ApproachStrategicMilan SystemicStructuralSymbolic-ExperientialSatir's Communications ApproachEmotionally Focused Couples TherapySolution-Focused TherapyNarrative Family TherapyAssessment in Family TherapyEngage in an on-going dialogue with colleagues from across the country in a live chat room oriented toward asking questions, sharing insights, and providing study techniques and test-taking strategies. Expect the Author of the Independent Study Guide and creator of this App to check in on the chat room to answer any unaddressed questions. The App also includes a catalog of other available Study Aids, including the Independent Study Guide available for purchase at www.mftlicensingexam.comThis App was created by a Marriage & Family Therapist.
Operating System Android