Are You confused to draw your holding pattern above any station? Do you want to know what entry type you will choose to hold correctly on your station? Do you want to draw a Flying Route & fly it with updated tracking to your position? Do you want to learn Aerodynamics, Instrument Flying & Aviation Things everyday? Here You Are. Naviation is an app that allows you to enter a Station around the world and enter a Holding Radial/Bearing, so it will display the Holding Pattern with all Entries on a dynamic and real map that will continue to display your position every second. Moreover, it will display your entry to your station and your position, so you will no longer be confused with Holding Patterns. Naviation will allow you to draw your flying route on a real map, and you will be able to fly it with all data and information you need. Finally, you will get access to our Aviation School, so you will learn everyday a new thing about aviation, aerodynamics and Instrument flying. Download it Now.
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