PMCS for Military Vehicles

Never be without a -10 TM again and have to Listen to the 1SG asking you "Where is your TM at? ". Just reply that you are now in the Technological Age and Have it right on your Smart Phone. There is no way he can argue with that. Have the PMCS Item Checklist with you anywhere you go. Honestly, I have Never been in a Unit that actually had enough TM's to perform PMCS properly on Vehicles. So Don't download the "Glitchie" App with only HMMWV on it. Especially when they spell it HUMMVE come on now. I am sure they were paid thousands to produce that for the Army. This one has HMMWV, LMTV and Generators and WILL have more when its all said and done. TOP is waiting to hear from the Field on what Vehicles they need next. That way he is working on those that are most important to you. This App supports all the Services the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Vehicles. Each of the PMCS sections contains the Actual Item Numbers that you will fill out on the 5988 or 2404. It lets your know what will give the Vehicle a status of (NFMC) Not Fully Mission Capable. This will help you keep your Vehicles well Maintained and in the long run you will have to do less Maintenance and fewer breakdowns. Also, Please email TOP at with the TM nubmer and Vehicle Type and he will add the Vehicles that you would like to see added to the App to help you accomplish you missions.
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Version 2.2
Operating System Android
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