Tales & Toys

It's a FREE Kid Mode application, which creates a secure children's room, a virtual sandbox with a passcode-protected exit. There you can collect all kids content in one place: only permitted apps, videos, books and audio. "Tales&Toys" safely prevents any action not allowed by adults: there's no opportunity to change device settings, all purchases and new apps installation are locked. So children are guarded from inappropriate content as well as the devices are protected from them. The app is fully ready to use and includes predefined popular children applications, YouTube playlists with the best cartoons and learning videos. Finally you can give your tablet pc to the kid, and go about your business with no worry. Device protection: * Lock Home button. * Lock the possibility to change any settings. * Lock all purchases and new applications installing. * Lock making calls and sending SMS. * Run only applications which are authorized by parents. Child protection: * Simple and favorable design developed specially for kids. * No ads in the application. * Reliable parental control over the content and kid mobile activity. * Multi-user mode: if it's necessary, set different settings for each child. * Time manager: set time limits for various content types. Some more features: * The tab "Recommended Applications" makes it easy to find the best apps for your children. * "Tales&Toys!" can operate without access to the Internet (it's only necessary to view YouTube videos). * YouTube playlist are played continuously and don't need manually start of each series. Attention! The application is compatible with devices which have: * screen more than 3 inches * resolution more 600 dpi.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.3
Operating System Android, Android 3.1
System Requirements Screen more than 3 inches; Resolution more 600 dpi