Pitchimprover full

Learn to play by ear with Pitch improver. The full version saves your progress, does not show ads and allows to choose between piano and guitar samples. The ear training excercises are the same as at http://pitchimprover.com optimized for Android devices. In every excercise you will start with the easiest tasks which will get more complex as your ear improves. Pitchimprover is designed to work on your weak sides. If you mix up two chords or intervals, the program will drill you with these particular types. The excercises are: Repeating melodies (20 levels) -Intervals recognition (11 levels) -Perfect pitch (11 levels) -Chord types (12 levels) -Chord progressions (16 levels) The keyboard is optimized for mobile layout, you won't miss the black keys even with small screen and big fingers. Some advice on training. Practice everyday, but not for a long time, 20 minutes should be enough. Melodic dictation will help you to hear melodic movements, while chord progressions excercise will let you recognize harmonic movements in songs. Don't forget the interval recognition excercise, it will find out the intervals you recognize worse than others and help you focus on them. Keywords: Ear training, ear trainer, play by ear, perfect pitch, absolute pitch, relative pitch, intervals recognition, melodic dictation, chord types, chord progressions, pitch improver, pitchimprover, aural skills, pitch training.
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