Blackboard Math

Practice arithmetic just like Abe Lincoln. Updated for the 21st century.Blackboard Math is the ONLY tablet-native app that uses the entire touch-screen as a virtual slate for children to solve math problems longhand.It is not another cell phone app with scaled up graphics to fill out a larger display. It is not another arcade-style game with distracting graphics, and limited to simple mental math and multiple-choice answers. It wont indulge a short attention-span or exacerbate ADHD tendencies. Rather, it is a modern take on the traditional method of learning math: careful practice and working out problems longhand.Blackboard Math follows the adage, if you want to remember something write it down. Blackboard Math has students writing down their work as they go about solving complex, multi-digit arithmetic problems longhand.The benefits of solving math problems longhand are multifold: * Improves learning by involving the fine motor control centers of the brain * Exercises the full range of steps required to solve arithmetic problems * Makes complicated problems more solvable * Rewards focus, care, and contentiousness, over rapid-fire answers and guess-work * Promotes attention-span * Creates a written record to review potential sources of repeat mistakesAdditionally, Blackboard Math saves students work so parents can review it later. Parents are free to be coaches and mentors, while the app itself does the rote work of generating problems and grading answers. Also, Blackboard Math tracks how long and how often your child uses the app. Parents can be assured their child is making an effort on their math practice.Recent changes:Revised problem generator to decrease number of 0 & 1's that are asked.Content rating: Everyone
File Size678.98 kB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.