YetzT is the Yetzeratic Transliterator. It was designed to help magicians and qabbalists with memorization of the basic symbol sets and their related attributes. YetzT is easy to use and suitable for beginers or for reinforcing what you've already memorized the old fashioned way. For those just starting the process, the testing data can be viewed either as an attribute type (e.g. a list of the planetary Intelligences) or by attribute grouping (e.g. a list of all of the attributes related to ALEPH)YetzT allows the user to drill within each of these five data sets:1) The Hebrew Alphabet2) The Classical Planets3) The Sepheroth4) The Zodiac5) The Yetzeratic AttributionsIn each, the 'basic' level tests the user on the primary symbol and it's name (english). Each higher level adds additional attributes from the set to the possible selections.Multiple profiles can be created and managed. Within each profile, multiple sessions can be created. History is maintained for each. This history allows you to take a detailed look at what was missed during each session. By creating a new session when you feel you are doing better, you can track you progress in learning a set. One possible use for profiles is to set up a profile for each of the Sets to allow you to track your progress within that set.Content rating: Everyone
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Version 1.0
Operating System Android, Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
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