Statistics Quick Reference

Statistics Quick Reference was designed by a qualified statistics Instructor. Each of the concepts was explained in detail, followed by an example for better understanding.The topics include:1)Basic Terms and Definitions2)Descriptive Statistics -> Frequency Distribution -> Frequency -> Relative Frequency -> Cumulative Frequency -> Cumulative Relative Frequency -> Graphical Display of data -> Dot Plots -> Bar Charts -> Histograms -> Stem-and-leaf plots -> Pie Charts -> Measures of Central Tendency and Variability -> The Mean -> The Median -> The Mode -> Variance and Standard Deviation3)Probability -> Basics of Probability -> Definitions -> Classical Definition of Probability -> Conditional Probability -> Laws of Probability -> Rules of Probability -> Discrete Probability Distributions -> Expected Value of Discrete Random Variable -> Variance and Standard Deviation of Discrete Random Variable -> Continuous Probability Distributions -> The normal Distribution -> The Standard Normal Distribution -> t-Distribution -> How to read Tables -> The Standard Normal Distribution Table -> t-Distribution Table4)Inferential Statistics -> General Guidelines (Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests) -> Large samples, Small Samples, Minimum Sample size required -> Hypothesis Tests (Examples) -> Confidence Intervals (Examples)5) Applied Statistics -> Least Squares Linear Regression(Example computing Regression equation) -> Linear Correlation (Example computing Correlation Coefficient)Recent changes:Change log V 1.3:(a) The text was made crisp and clear(b) This app will now take only 25% of the memory compared to the previous version and requires less memory to run.(c) Resources are efficiently designed and allocatedNote: This update is strongly recommended for all the existing users. Change Log 1.2.2: App can be moved to SD Card on devices having Android 2.2 or Above.Content rating: Everyone
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