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Kipah or many people who likened it to the cap. It is a hat designed like a half-ball or sometimes considered similar to a plate shape. Kippah is often made of knitted fabrics and is more commonly used by Jewish men of various fashions to meet the requirements of Jewish custom. Even many of Yahdui's streams are like orthodox halachics stating that Jewish heads must be closed at all times using Kippah. At least Kippah became a mandatory "hat" of the Jews while worshiping, whether the service of shabbat, as well as worship the feast of Yom Kippur, Sukkot and others.The "head cover" of biblical times was only required of the high priest. The early idea of the Jewish men wearing a small cap-headed skull started from the tradition of the Jewish rabbis (around the 3rd century AD), in which they attempted to re-gather the descendants of diasporic Israel throughout the world after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70M. This Kippah, symbolically projecting the priest's duties to every Jewish male in every Jewish family. For from that time on they no longer had the high priest, for there was no temple in Jerusalem. The Talmud writes that the purpose of wearing a kippah is to remind them to God, who is the Supreme Authority "above us" (kiddushin 31a). This outwardly dressed style is expected to create an internal awareness; wearing a kippiah kippah is an act of symbolism: "There is an ultimate authority above us"; Kippah is also to remind them that God above is always watching. Kippah is a means to draw out one's inner feelings in honor of God.Thank you
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