Indonesian Nature Wallpapers

Indonesia natural wallpaper is a wallpaper application that contains images about the natural beauty of Indonesia, Indonesia is full of rich natural beauty such as mountain views, sea, waterfalls, some places that are famous for the natural beauty of Indonesia are Bali, Bali is famous as an international wasata destination, Bali has a beach kuta which is often visited by tourists from various parts of the world, Indonesia also has the beauty of natural mountain scenery such as, Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, Dunung Rinjani, Mount Jaya Wijaya, Ranukumbolo, Indonesia's wealth stretches from Sabang to Marauke. This Indonesian nature wallpaper application will show the natural beauty of Indonesia on your Android. you can see mountains wallpapers, sunset wallpapers, sea wallpapers, forest wallpapers, borobudur wallpapers, malioboro wallpapers, semeru wallpapers, rinjani wallpapers, bali wallpapers, lombok wallpapers, old city wallpapers, this Indonesian nature wallpaper elevates the beauty of local wisdom and Indonesian culture . Indonesia consists of several islands, tribes, religions that make it a country that is rich in diversity but still united. from each region in Indonesia has different characteristics and tourist attractions and you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia through this natural wallpaper of Indonesia itself, this natural wallpaper of Indonesia shows the beauty of the tropical nature of the Asian countries namely Indonesia you will see tropical wallpapers, mountains , rivers, beaches, tropical beaches besides that Indonesia also has very old historical tourism, such as wallpapers, land lot wallpapers, prambanan temple wallpapers, palace wallpapers and many more natural beauty of Indonesia that you can see in this application.This Indonesian nature wallpaper application has several features including:- application of wallpaper- save wallpaper- share wallpaper- selection of Indonesian natural wallpaper imagesdownload the Indonesian nature wallpaper application now and you can experience the tour in Indonesia
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License Free
Version 3.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up