Guide Yandere Simulator Notice Me Senpai School

This is Guide for Yandere Simulator is a third-person stealth game with dating sim elements for PC. Even though its an indie title, the complexity of its mechanics is quite impressive.REVIEW:The game is about the main character, a yandere, who stalks a boy that's catches her interest while killing girls who appear to have a crush on him. While showing the image of a normal school girl, you attempt to dispose of bodies and hide evidence before getting caught.Learn how does every main characters in Yandere high School Simulator Senpa Knowing so, will make the game easier and more enjoyable.Every character has her own crush and competitors. Learn how to deal with every and each situation in the game Girl School Simulator5 Best Characters: "Yandera-chan" , "Senpai" , "Haruto Yuto" , "Rivals" , "Hanako Yamada".Peoples question :- What is a male Yandere?- What are all the Dere types?- Can a guy be Yandere?- Is Yandere SIM free?- What is a tsundere and Yandere?- What is Senpai's sister name?
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4W and up