How to make figures with hama beads

Do you like crafts? Have you heard about hama beads? Do you know what it is?We have created an application for you to learn this wonderful world of little plastic pieces with which you can create incredible designs. Check it out and find out what figure design with hama beads is all about.The best app to discover the best secrets and learn how to make figures with hama beads, using these small plastic beads. The app also contains templates for you to practice from home. If you did not know this world, download this free app. You will be surprised at the infinite uses that these plastic accounts have.These small pieces of plastic are put on plates so that they remain standing and we can shape our designs following patterns. We will choose the appropriate size and shape of the plates according to the drawing we want to make. Once finished the drawing that we have chosen we put on a waxed paper and we passed the iron. The small plastic tubes will melt giving rise to incredible figures with an effect similar to what would be if we embroidered it in cross stitch.If you like crafts this is your app. For both children and adults. The world of hama beads accounts is made for all audiences. Design amazing hama beads figures by following these free tutorials.You can also do other types of crafts using these accounts without having to melt them and shape wonderful figures such as photo frames, pens, keychains,. . . Other crafts than normal use of hama beads and that are as beautiful as the first. To discover them you will have to see the tutorials that are inside the app.Crafts help develop your creativity and that of the little ones and many other skills. Do not think more, it is the best application of crafts with hama beads.Discover the fun templates that we have selected in our app.
License Free
Version 2.0.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up