Diy Crochet Doilies

The crochet is like riding a bicycle: Once learned and with practice, it is never forgotten.The modern art of true crochet as we know it today, was developed during the sixteenth century. At that time it was known as "crochet cord" in France and "string cord" in England.The crochet technique has gained a prominent place in the history of human creation and inventiveness, which goes beyond an artistic expression or cultural movement, also taking place in the creation of clothing (blouses, shoes, hats, handbags) , as a means of economic support, medical therapy and even a mathematical tool.At the beginning, this technique of knitting with a hook may turn out to be a bit of a struggle, which is why you should start by using stitches and fabrics that are easier to master.The basic materials required to practice crochet are:Needles manufactured and marketed in different materials such as: metallic, plastic, wood. The choice of needle varies according to the type of thread to be used and the number of threads. It is important to check that the needle has the hook perfectly polished so that the points can pass without effort.The thread or wool, preferably of cotton or macram, silk, raffia, Peruvian, etc. Also wool of the rustic type, wool with fibers, etc. they are other alternatives.Measuring tape, made of washable plastic with soft ends, this in order not to damage the fabric, the measures represented in the centimeter and inch units.Scissors, it must present the tips sharp to ensure a cut of the yarn without difficulty.All crochet applications are made by means of the combination of basic stitches such as: knot slipped and chains, low point, mid point, crochet, half high point (half a crochet), double high point (double crochet), slip stitch.Cheer up and exploit your creativity and manual skills, join the practice of crochet.
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